We Dedicate Our Time Into Assisting Creative and Talented Internationals in the Arts, Science, Education, Athletics, Motion Pictures and Television Industry, Relocate to the United States to Live and Work on Their O1 Visa.

O1 Visa Process

Establish Eligibility

First step is to establish eligibility and find out what O1 visa category best suits your situation. Below you can get a better idea of which category fits you best. Complete our free evaluation. free evaluation assessment


Set up a Free Meeting

Next step is schedule a free meeting via Skype, Hangouts or phone and chat with one of our O1 visa expert to discuss which O1 visa service will best suit your needs. We make ourselves available 24/7 to discuss your O1 visa plans and how we can help you accomplish your goals.

Submit Evidence

Once a client, gather all of your documented evidence and send them to us in a zip file. Our lawyers will then outline your achievements, as well as, making sure you have included all the necessary paperwork to prepare your case.

Presenting Case to USCIS

Request your O1 Visa Advisory Opinion to include with your application. Prepare your petioner statement and compile your portfolio for review giving you the highest chances for approval, before shipping to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for approval.

Additional Request

Sometimes the USCIS requests additional documents, also known as a Request For Evidence (RFE), do not get discourage, this is standard practice and happens often when applying for the O-1 visa. Our lawyers will take care of any additional request from the USCIS.


Once you receive your O1 Visa approval, our job does not end there. We guide you through the process of setting up your interview at the consulate, social security number, driver’s license, as well as utilizing any other resources that can benefit you throughout your 3-year stay.

"Creative Artist International™  Assistance in any situation. Sponsorship, One-On-One Guidance, Work Promotion, And Relocation Resources, all at the "Lowest Price in the Industry Guaranteed". You'll Never Feel Alone, Here To Support You Every Step Of The Way."



CAI's primary objective is to guide you professionally throughout the O1 visa application process. Our professional team dedicates their time to providing clients with exceptional service and support that will set you on a pathway to success. With our sponsorship, our clients, upon approval, are authorized to freelance with a variety of different employers.

All at the lowest price in the industry guaranteed.


O-1 Visa Sponsor & Filing Service

The O1 visa can be difficult to obtain without the right help. This visa is designed for individuals who can demonstrate they are extraordinary and want to work in the United States within their field of endeavor. Also, an O1 Visa Sponsor plays a major role in obtaining the O1 Visa.

Creative Artist International is the leading O1 Visa Sponsor in the United States. Our role is to help the O1 Visa applicant in several different areas. We use our knowledge and creativity to guide individuals to an approval.

Our qualified experts can provide assistance with relocation resources, job resources, and general guidance.

Once your application is submitted, it can take time for the USCIS to respond with their decision. However, if in a hurry, there is a premium processing filing option for a extra fee of $1,225 to receive an answer within 15 days.

Once approved the next step is to schedule an appointment to visit the U.S. consulate in your home country and attend an interview to get your visa stamped in your passport. The O1 Visa is granted for period up to 3 years, and can be extended yearly.


  • Brittani and the team had helped get an O1 visa for a chef. My case was approved in a week after we filed it. I can see that Brittani has done intensive research for my case, and she is very creative in doing her work. She cares a lot about her clients better than many other law offices I’ve worked with. I have full faith in her to deal with any kind of O1 visa case. Thank you, Brittani for your help!

    Qi, Chef De Partie

  • My experience with Creative Artist International was wonderful. Without Creative Artist International I wouldn’t have received my Visa that quickly. They were so helpful, very fast in their response! Easy to reach by email or to speak to through Skype. What helped me the most was the way they formulated the reference letters, in just the right way and how they assisted me in collecting the documents, in which I needed for my O1 Visa application. They know all there is to know. I would definitely recommend them for everyone, they know what they are doing!

    Mandy D., CatWalk Coach

  • Following a creative career is hard enough without having to navigate the trials of immigration and visa applications. Valerie went out of her way to explain the process of the O1 Visa application in great detail. There was no pressure to proceed, just a wealth of information generously shared. She helped me to collate the best possible application and supporting documentation. Valerie's communication was excellent and I would recommend discussing your case with her.

    Cam B., New Zealand-Actor

  • It was a pleasure working with you on filing of my O1 Visa case, you were extremely well prepared to handle my Case and also with your immaculate and sharp thinking you were able to guide me through the whole process seamlessly.

    Dheiraj K., Brand Marketer

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    Peter V., Medicine

  • Thank you Creative Artist International for helping me get my O1 artist visa. I couldn't have asked for any better company to help. You were excellent the whole way through.

    Phillip M., Editor