How to Speed Up the O1 Visa Petition Approval Process


The O1 visa petition process, from start to finish, can be a lengthy endeavor. Normally, the petition and approval process takes up to 90 days. During this time, the USCIS will review the entirety of your case and make a final judgement. That waiting period can feel like a lifetime. There’s got to be a way to speed this process up though, right?


Don’t sweat it. Creative Artist International has a solution to your problem.


It’s called Premium Processing. If you’re in a hurry, there is a fee of $1,225 that will guarantee a response within 15 days, or you will receive a FULL refund. Another cool aspect of premium processing is that if your fee is refunded, your case can still receive expedited processing. However, it’s very important to note here that the USCIS may require additional information, such as more evidence, to make a final decision regarding your case. If they respond with a Request for Evidence (RFE), then more evidence will have to be submitted. Once they’re received, the 15 day clock will unfortunately reset.


Also, expeditious handling can be requested by a worker employed in the field of arts, entertainment, or athletics. If the service has determined that the petition merits expedited handling, the written consultation or “advisory letter” will not be required for submission.


If you’re interested in speeding up the process, be sure to ask us here at Creative Artist International about Premium Processing and if you qualify for expeditious handling of your petition process!