How long does the O-1 visa last and can it be renewed or extended?« Back to Questions List

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Asked on October 15, 2015 6:49 am

You are allowed to stay in the United States on an O-1 visa for the amount of time necessary to complete the event or activity with your petitioner employer that you list when you apply for the O-1 visa. This event or activity is limited to an initial period of three years, and you must be able to establish that you will need this much time for the proposed employment.

An O-1 visa can be extended. You must apply for an O-1 visa extension of stay. Grants of extensions are given in one-year increments. You may also be admitted to the U.S. up to 10 days before and up to 10 days after the O-1 visa validity period granted to you in order to get your personal affairs in order. You must be continuing in the same position or activity for which you were originally granted O-1 visa status in order to receive an extension. You must also be able to present evidence to show that your continued presence would be required.

A new consultation and advisory opinion from an authorized peer group is not required for an O-1 visa extension. Your petitioning employer will only need to provide a statement explaining the reason for the extension along with their extension application. Your spouse and children must also file a form and submit any supporting documents necessary in order to extend their stay.

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Answered On October 15, 2015 6:50 am