How a Visitor Visa Can Benefit an O-1 Visa Applicant

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Let’s say you’re thinking about moving to the U.S. to further your career on an O-1 visa, but you’re not sure about employment or where you might want to live? Wouldn’t it be smart to visit the U.S. first and conduct some research?


Generally speaking, there are two types of visas:

  • Nonimmigrant Visa: Is issued to citizens of foreign countries who wish to enter the U.S. for a temporary amount of time.


  • Immigrant Visa: Is issued to citizens of foreign countries who wish to enter the U.S. as a permanent resident.


A visitor visa is considered a nonimmigrant visa for people who wish to enter the U.S. for one of two categories:

  • Business (B-1): Citizens of foreign countries looking to visit the U.S. in order to consult with business associates, settle an estate, negotiate a contract, or attend an educational, scientific, professional, or business conference


  • Tourism And Visit (B-2): Designated for if you’re coming to the U.S. for tourism, vacation, see friends and family, medical treatment, and unpaid participation in social events, music events, amateur sports, etc. Also, if you enroll in short, uncredited and recreational course of study, you can obtain a B-2 visitor visa.

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How can a visitor visa help a potential O-1 visa applicant? In order to obtain an O-1 visa, you must have solidified employment by an employer within the U.S. Suppose you come to the U.S. on a visitor’s visa (B-1 or B-2), do your research on companies or job opportunities. Even if you don’t land a job during your visit, you can still make contacts with employers who may hire you in the future and you’ve had a chance to actually step foot in America. It’s a win-win situation!

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