Looking For a Recommender for your O1 visa letter of recommendation?

o1 visa letter of recommendation

One of the most important things to keep in my when you’re applying for an O-1 visa is the people who will serve as your recommenders. Immigration officers put a lot of importance on the O1 visa letter of recommendation, they can often make or break the petition. What constitutes as a solid recommender?


Typically, a great person to ask for an O1 visa letter of recommendation will be someone who has worked closely with you and can attest to your extraordinary abilities in your career field. This person could be a former employer, client, peer, collaborator, curator or even a close friend. Let’s say you’re an actor seeking to continue your career in the U.S. If you have an agent or worked with a director or a producer who can provide in detail your ability to go above and beyond in your career field, they can qualify to write you an O1 visa letter of recommendation. Additionally, professors and teachers can be great recommenders. However, the USCIS tends to frown upon an excessive amount of letters from professors or teachers. Generally, you will want to keep them to a minimum of 1 or 2 per application.


Also, when you’re thinking about recommenders, you won’t be limited to people living in the United States. Frankly, they can be from anywhere in the world. In addition, your recommender doesn’t even have to work directly in your career field. They just need to be qualified to properly provide sufficient evidence of your extraordinary skills and experience.


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