NYC Hits Record Job Total Across All Five Boroughs

NYC Hits Record Job Total Across All Five Boroughs

When Mayor de Blasio came into office in January 2014 and promised an economy that was both vibrant and inclusive, there were plenty of skeptics wondering if he could deliver on his promise. As it turns out, he has delivered in a big way. In February of 2016, New York State Department of Labor reported that New York City added 2,800 jobs. This is a staggering, record-breaking high of 4.3 million jobs across the five boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Queens). Since January 2014, 254,900 jobs have been added to the private sector. Most of the employment gains have been seen in Healthcare, Scientific, and Technical fields.

What does this mean for potential O1 visa seekers? A 7.3 percent increase in job creation in New York City since 2014 is an all-time high. For international individuals with extraordinary talents in the arts, science, business and education, the time for moving to The Big Apple to pursue your dreams and further your career in the United States has never been more right.

Companies all around the city are looking for enthusiastic and special talent to fill their positions. There are thousands of individuals with unique skills and a lot to offer every company here in the United States. Think you have what it takes to tackle NYC? Give us a call at 1-844-4-O1VISA (618472) or send us an email at

May, 20, 2016

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