O1A Visa Associations

 O1A Visa Associations


‘Do you have any professional memberships that require outstanding achievement?’ The actual official wording of this criteria is: Membership in association in the field for which classification is sought which require outstanding achievements, as judge by recognized national or international experts in the field. 


O1A Visa Associations-There are several memberships in all professions where  you can obtain a membership by passing an examination or  have a great deal of expertise in that  given field. In fact, all you have got to do sometimes,  in order to become a member is pay your annual membership dues and you’re a life time  member.


Doctors, Accountants, Engineers, and IT professionals all gain admission to various prestigious associations There can be several memberships you  can get merely as a results of passing an examination or as a result of have a great deal of expertise in a given field. In fact, all you have got to do in order to become a member  is pay your annual membership dues and you’re a member.


Doctors, Accountants, Engineers, and IT professionals all gain admission to numerous prestigious associations for having passed an particular exams. Again, such memberships don't seem to be what the U.S. Immigration is searching for to satisfy this criteria. The kinds of memberships that the U.S. Immigration is searching for are distinguished and  extremely   prestigious, exclusive memberships that may solely be joined by special invite, review recommendation and by means of recognition of your outstanding achievements within the field, that goes further than the passing of a special  examination or finishing minimal  hours of service within the field.


Many associations can have countless levels of membership and while the bottom level of membership may be satisfied by examination qualification and dues-based, the more senior levels are not. The U.S. Immigration would like you to demonstrate that your specific level of membership within the organization relies primarily on your outstanding contributions to the field, and will be looking at the association for validation as to how each level of membership is determined.


Surprisingly, there are clients who are highly qualified who have never thought to seek membership in an organization that might grant them a desirable level of recognition. While these elite memberships may be by invite only, some associations do permit you to submit an application showing the body of your work in conjunction with letters of support from different eminent individuals within the industry, perhaps already elite members inside the guild or association. Additionally, there have been clients who were able to satisfy this criteria after we began working with them.


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