O1B Visa Success

O1B Visa Success

I. The Law

This criteria is met if applicant has a record of major commercial or critical successes. This law has (2) main parts.

Part One

  1. Applicant has a record
  2. Of major commercial successes

Part Two

  1. Applicant has a record
  2. Of major critical successes


II. Meeting the Criteria

The successes criterion is probably the most unique of all the criteria, for both O-1A and O-1B. It doesn’t have a “matchup” of law to facts.

In the law, you can have a commercial or critical success. In practice, having a commercial success applies to such a small portion of professions and people in them. However, almost everyone that qualifies under News Media will also qualify under Successes in the “critical success” portion of the criteria. This is because most media articles are in a way a critical review of success. Additionally, one of the best ways to prove critical success is with a News Media article.


III. Difficulty

Level of Difficulty

This criteria is a level 3 difficulty. Only about half of applicants meet this criteria. However, if you meet “News Media” criteria, you will most probably meet the “Success” criteria as well.


Related Categories

This criteria is related to News Media criteria.