O-1 Visa eSports, Yes has Been Approved

O-1 Visa eSports

In the past, professional athletes approved by the USCIS for work visas had been champions of arenas such as a football field, basketball court or boxing ring, to name a few. Nowadays, you don’t have to run a six-minute mile or catch a football one-handed to be considered a professional athlete—they’re champions of a different arena—the digital one. O-1 Visa eSports is possible

eSports players are professional video gamers from around the world who compete in tournaments against other players in games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and League of Legends. The sport has risen exponentially every year in popularity. In fact, back in 2013, an estimated 71,500,000 people worldwide watched competitive gaming. It’s also estimated that the eSports sector will generate a revenue of $621m worldwide. While that’s nowhere near the revenue generated by say, the National Football League (est. 13 bn), to put it in perspective, Major League Soccer only generated an estimated $461m in 2014.

In 2013, a Canadian League of Legends player named, Danny “Shiphtur” Le became the world’s first professional video gamer to receive a P-1A visa. This type of visa is normally designated for “Internationally Recognized Athletes”.

One day shortly, the world may see the first pro gamer ever to be approved for an O1A visa, designated for an athlete with extraordinary talent.

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Apr, 24, 2016

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