O-1 Visa Standards Breifly Discussed

O-1 Visa Standards

The O-1 Visa Standards and requirements are centered around providing sufficient evidence to substantiate the beneficiaries standing in his or her field of endeavor. The beneficiaries standing in the field can be manifested in countless ways depending on each applicant’s individual situations. We will use a, A Song Writer for this example, presenting that a Song Writer has worked on records that have won an award or establishing that the Song Writer has collaborated with acclaimed or distinguished record labels or well established Artist, can all be used for qualifying a Song Writer for an O-1 Visa.

Because individuals and their profession and industry may differ, there are numerous methods in which individuals can accumulate and document each of their Extraordinary Ability in their field. Most of the time the O-1 Visa requirement that a beneficiary must show their exceptional ability can feel overwhelming to those wanting to apply for the O-1 Visa. However, it is important to note that the O-1 visa requirements give a precise path and is open for creativity for those who have not yet won or received any significant international or national award.

Sep, 04, 2016

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