Applying for an O-2 Visa as an Assistant of an O-1 Work Visa

O-2 Visa for an O-1 Work Visa


Let’s say you’ve been working with someone in your country who has decided to apply for an O-1 work visa and move to the U.S. You may be wondering if you just lost your job. However, your employer is insisting that you come along with him or her to the U.S. and continue your work under an O-2 visa. Is that even possible?


Fortunately, assistants to O-1 work visa recipients can in fact receive an O-2 visa if you can sufficiently satisfy all of the requirements. The petitioner (you) must provide the following evidence:

  • Current Essentiality: You must prove to the USCIS that you are an “integral” part of the O-1 work visa applicant’s work. You must show that you have the appropriate skills and experience to support the O-1 beneficiary and provide evidence of past experience working with the O-1 beneficiary.

  • Continuing Importance: You must show that your continuing contribution and participation is vital to the success of the production. In addition, you must prove that significant production work has taken place outside the U.S. and will continue in the U.S 

  • Maintaining a Foreign Residency: You must not indicate any intentions of abandoning your foreign residency 

  • Peer Group Consultation: a Consultation with a peer group who can attest to the O-2 applicant’s qualifications and necessity to the O-1 beneficiary. If the O-2 beneficiary can sufficiently prove that such a peer group does NOT exist, then he or she will be exempted from providing the consultation.


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Feb, 20, 2016

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