Self-Employment And Filing For an O-1 Visa

"O1 Visa Sub Categories"

Many people around the world are self-employed. Creative Artist International understands these are hard-working individuals with a drive to succeed. When filing a petition for an O-1 Visa, you may wonder if it’s possible to qualify if you’re partially or fully self-employed.

The short answer? No.

If you’re planning on coming to the United States to work for yourself, you unfortunately won’t meet the requirements for an O-1 visa by regulations set by the USCIS. An applicant has three options to file a petition:

  • U.S. Employer
  • U.S. Agent
  • Foreign Employer

As always, you’ll need proper documentation to prove to the USCIS that the employer is real and located in the U.S. and that your employment is definitely going to happen. If the agreement between you and an employer is tentative, you won’t qualify for this classification. It must be a solidified contract and can’t be speculative.

Creative Artist International is happy to inform you that if the foreign employer happens to be a corporation which is owned wholly or in part by a beneficiary, the petition can be filed through a U.S. agent. You will still need to have proof of future employment.


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