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How a Visitor Visa Can Benefit an O-1 Visa Applicant

Let’s say you’re thinking about moving to the U.S. to further your career on an O-1 visa, but you’re not sure about employment or where you might want to live? Wouldn’t it be smart to visit the U.S. first and conduct some research? Absolutely! Generally speaking, there are two types of visas: Nonimmigrant Visa: Is […] Read more

Self-Employment And Filing For an O-1 Visa

Many people around the world are self-employed. Creative Artist International understands these are hard-working individuals with a drive to succeed. When filing a petition for an O-1 Visa, you may wonder if it’s possible to qualify if you’re partially or fully self-employed. The short answer? No. If you’re planning on coming to the United States to […] Read more

The Deal With Deal Memos & Obtaining Your O1 Visa

                    Creative Artist International comes across potential O1 visa recipients on a daily basis who ask, “What exactly is a deal memo?” It’s evolved overtime from it’s crude beginnings as a simple piece of paper, like a napkin (which is still in use today), to electronic […] Read more


You’re Offered a New Job…Do You Need An Amended O1 Visa Petition?

Your O1-B Visa petition is approved and finalized. You’ve moved to the Big Apple and found a nice little apartment in the upper west side close to that amazing falafel truck you love. The acting career is going well and you may even get a bigger scene in an upcoming episode. You’re all set! Except, […] Read more