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LA310 Group- Creative Artist International’s Network

Creative Artist InternationalTM is excited to announce our latest addition to our network of distinguished production companies; LA310 Group Entertainment and Technology. The LA310 Group was founded by prominent Scottish Writer-Producer, Allan S. Gold. With expertise in major areas of the entertainment industry,  Mr. Gold- inspired international entrepreneur– is a published Writer; Talent Manager; Nightclub and Internet Radio DJ; Emcee; Record labels’ Promoter and Owner-Operator of various successful commercial enterprises.

LA310 Group specializes in producing creative entertainment and developing innovative technology while offering a wide variety of services to other members of the entertainment industry.    Including film (writing, developing and producing independent and studio motion pictures with A-list talent attached), music (producing a radio show and podcast for global audience) and other technology (develop technologies that potentially improve people’s lives).

In addition, to the creation, development, and production of in-house projects, the LA310 Group partners, collaborates and forms alliances with other companies, corporations, and individuals to combine their talents, skills, and knowledge with theirs.

To learn more about LA310 Group please visit their website at http://la310.com/.

If you have questions about LA310 Group or Creative Artist International TM O-1 visa filing and sponsorship service you may contact us by email at info@visasforcreativeartist.com and we will point you in the right direction.

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2015 UK Trust Awards – O1 Visa Sponsor

O1 Visa Sponsor

One of the qualifications that a beneficiary must satisfy in order to obtain approval for an O1 visa

status is to demonstrate extraordinary achievement in the form of an award.  Creative Artist

International, LLC has proven their extraordinary abilities as a company today as the polls closed

for 2015 UK Trust Awards - O1 Visa Sponsor. Today, Friday, August 28, 2015, our company was given the honor

of remaining in 1st place in five different categories. These categories being: 1) Most Trusted Start 

Up, which is awarded to companies that are less than three years old, 2) Most Trusted Online

Business, which is given to companies who value the online identities of their clients, 3) Most

Trusted Customer Service, which are for companies that give the most heartfelt service, 4) Most

Trusted Hospitality and Leisure Provider, for companies which deliver the best experiences for their

clients, and 5) Most Trusted Young Entrepreneur, which was given to our very own Co-Owner

Brittani H.   We are very proud of what our team has accomplished for it is a feat that few have

had the opportunity to achieve. We here at Creative Artists International, LLC is proud of all the

clients that have worked with us in the past and now for all of their achievements and future

endeavors. Our clients are the reason that we enjoy what we do and have the strength to carry on

helping as many people as we can. As of now, our team guarantees to not only continue

providing the lowest prices in the industry guaranteed but to continue striving to provide the best

services in the best way possible. Thank you for helping us become number 1!

Aug, 30, 2015

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Why Our O1 Visa Sponsor Services Supersede Competitors

Every year many people from around the world who have excelled in fields pertaining to the arts, sciences, education, business, athletics and motion pictures industry venture to find a way to continue their work in the United States. In turn, there have been many companies all around the nation eager to respond by helping internationals […] Read more